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Beresford Tasting Pavilion chào đón các nhóm lên đến 12 người đến trải nghiệm nếm thử có hướng dẫn viên. 

Chọn từ nhiều trải nghiệm nếm có cấu trúc của chúng tôi đối với rượu vang Beresford và nhà máy bia và nhà máy chưng cất cùng bảng pho mát chị em của chúng tôi. Đặt trực tuyến bên dưới.

Giờ mở cửa

Mở cửa 7 ngày, 10 giờ sáng - 5 giờ chiều
Xe buýt & nhóm chỉ theo lịch hẹn
252 Đường Blewitt Springs, McLaren Flat, Nam Úc 5171


Hãy tặng món quà trải nghiệm cho những người thân yêu của bạn. 

Xem T & C nơi đây.


Ngồi bên ngoài trên boong và ngắm nhìn quang cảnh ngoạn mục hoặc bên lò sưởi bên trong và thưởng thức đĩa pho mát của vùng và đồ ăn nhẹ hoàn hảo cho rượu vang Beresford.


lavish lawns returns with live acoustic music by the tweeds

Beresford Tasting pavilion

12pm (Noon) – 4pm

Sunday, 1st Oct

Sunday, 15th Oct

Sunday, 5th Nov

Sunday, 26th Nov

Sunday, 3rd Dec

Sunday, 17th Dec

beresford tasting pavilion
Paint & Sip!

Discover Your Inner Artist at Beresford Tasting Pavilion with Renee Goulding.

Join us for a night of creativity at our Paint and Sip event. Artist Renee Goulding will guide you through a painting session where all the equipment – aprons, paint, easel, and your own take-home canvas – will be provided. Pre-purchase delectable platters and drinks will be available for purchase on the night. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just dipping your brush into the world of painting, this event is perfect for everyone looking to unwind, socialize, and bring a touch of artistry into their lives.

Beresford Wines secures coveted back-to-back Best Wine from Australia, Producer of the Year and a host of highly esteemed International Awards.

We are thrilled to announce that Beresford Wines has emerged as a formidable force in the world of winemaking, thanks to our recent triumph at the Frankfurt International Trophy Awards. It is an incredible honour for us to have our Beresford Classic Shiraz 2019 clinch the coveted Best Wine from Australia title for the second consecutive year and the Grand Gold accolade, along with various gold awards for other varietals in our range. We are also proud to have been awarded Producer of the Year, which is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to excellence. 

At the 7th edition of the Frankfurt International Trophy, over 4,100 wines and spirits from 48 countries worldwide were judged by a panel of 500 tasters from around the world, both professional and amateur. We are proud to have our wines recognized among such a distinguished group of entries. 

Our impressive list of accolades also continues to grow, with our Limited Release Shiraz 2015 recently sweeping top honours at the London Wine competition. The wine won Best Wine in show by Country, Best Wine in show by Varietal, and a Grand Gold, cementing our reputation as a producer of exceptional wines. We are honoured to have been recognised by a panel of highly regarded professionals in the hospitality sector, who are not only experts in wine tasting but also have direct responsibility for wine buying. 

“Our achievements have undoubtedly earned us widespread recognition and admiration, and the awards we have won are a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment to excellence in winemaking. We are incredibly proud of our vineyard, winery, and packaging teams” – Say’s Chief Winemaker Chris Dix. 

We have also recently unveiled our newest additions, The Vale Taphouse and Beresford luxury Suites and Villas, which have earned us a coveted spot on the latest Top Wineries List in the Real Review. We are honoured that our accommodation has also been named the Best Accommodation in the prestigious 2023 Best of Wine Tourism Awards. This honour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing our guests with an unparalleled level of comfort and sophistication, making us the ultimate destination for discerning travellers seeking a truly luxurious experience. 

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